Press Release: Mayor Keith Pekau Announces Campaign for Congress

Local Leader, Decorated Veteran, and Successful Small Businessman Vows to Put People over Politics in Taking on Extreme Washington Politicians

Keith Pekau announced his run for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District at Alexander Equipment in Lisle. Pekau’s message was clear—he’s waged a winning battle against radical politicians in Orland Park, and he’ll take that same fight to the halls of Congress.

“Politicians in Washington like Marie Newman, Sean Casten, and Nancy Pelosi have put special interests, party politics, and extreme far-left agendas ahead of doing what’s best for the people they’re supposed to represent,” said Pekau. “It’s time for Congress to put people over politics.”

Pekau’s run comes after achieving significant successes in his tenure as Orland Park’s Mayor. He defeated a 28-year incumbent to become mayor and acted swiftly and decisively to reform local politics. He used effective, common-sense leadership to put an end to career politicians by instituting term limits, and he protected local taxpayers by cutting salaries and eliminating lavish pension benefits to stop politicians from getting rich off of citizens’ hard-earned dollars.

Just as he did for Orland Park, Pekau’s new goal will be to put people over politics in Washington. He wants to bring the same mindset of doing the right thing for everyday Illinoians, families, and small businesses to our nation’s capital.

That mindset includes fighting the runaway inflation currently plaguing our economy, as well as reducing taxes on hard-working Americans who are struggling to keep up with rising grocery and gas prices.

He’ll work to grow the economy and create good-paying, middle-class jobs. This is work Pekau understands well as a successful small businessman. In fact, over 600 new businesses opened in the village during Pekau’s time as Orland Park’s Mayor.

He’ll also keep 6th District families safe and our neighborhoods secure, pushing back hard against politicians like Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who let violent criminals run free. As Mayor, he’s worked proactively to reduce crime to the lowest level in 27 years, with Orland Park rated the safest city in Illinois in 2020.

Keith Pekau is the common-sense, local leader Illinois needs in Washington to take on the extreme politicians. His record of results stands in stark contrast to the failed, far-left politics of Marie Newman and Sean Casten. Unlike them, Pekau will put people over politics.