Illinois Legislators

Jeanne Ives, former State Representative: “The contrast between Keith and the two Democrats running against him could not be clearer. You might as well be represented by Nancy Pelosi if you choose to be represented by left-wing extremists like Sean Casten or Marie Newman. By electing Keith Pekau, we’ll finally have someone representing us in Congress who will reign in spending, keep us safe and believes in American exceptionalism.

 As a fellow veteran, a military mom, and a suburban taxpayer, I trust Keith Pekau. He is the best mayor in Illinois and during the pandemic acted responsibly, but with a light touch letting businesses and people interact as they wish. As Mayor of Orland Park, he made his community the safest in the state, lowered taxes, and helped create jobs – unlike others, Keith has a proven record of accomplishment.”

Margo McDermed, former State Representative: “As a mom, and a former state representative, I am endorsing Keith Pekau in his run for Congress because he is exactly the type of leader we need serving the residents and families of the 6th district. There are two things, in particular, that stand out to me about Keith’s proven record of results—he puts people over politics and stands up for our families and children.

Democrats on the local, state, and federal levels are masters at putting party politics, special interests, and political agendas ahead of what’s best for the people they’re supposed to represent. Keith has seen it as Mayor of Orland Park and I’ve seen the political games played in our state capitol. But when Keith tells the people of Orland Park he will do something, he does it, and I trust he’ll do the same for our communities. As a founder of the Mokena Educational Foundation, I care deeply about the future of our children, and Keith has been a steadfast leader in keeping our families safe and ensuring children are the focus in our education system. I know Keith is the right person to stand up to the progressives in Washington and help retake the House. His leadership is rare, and we need him in Congress helping guide our country now more than ever.”

Tim Ozinga, State Representative: “Keith Pekau is the voice Illinois desperately needs in Congress. I’m proud to endorse him, and I look forward to our state having a strong leader in Washington—a leader who puts people over politics.

As Mayor of Orland Park, Keith has consistently shown that he is unwavering in his efforts to establish and maintain safety for our families and their neighborhoods. Keith also understands for our neighborhoods to thrive, our business climate must grow. The urgency for an honest, intelligent man like Keith to help restore our economy has never been greater. Keith has displayed great poise and leadership for Orland Park through disciplined government spending and lowering taxes. I am eager to see Keith bring his talents and tenacious work ethic to Washington.”

County & Township Officials

Mike Fricilone, Will County Board Member and former 3rd Congressional District Republican nominee: “I have known Keith for almost 20 years, well before he ever ran for office. Keith Pekau has proven time and time again that he puts people over politics, just as I knew he would. That’s exactly the kind of leadership we need in Washington, and I’m happy to endorse him to represent the 6th District.”

Tim McCarthy, Retired Secret Service Agent and Former Orland Park Police Chief: “Keith Pekau shares my passion for public safety, and he’s proven his commitment to keeping Orland Park families safe by working proactively with our police department to reduce crime to its lowest level in 27 years. He has my full support in his run for Congress.”

Sean Morrison, Cook County Commissioner and Cook County Republican Party Chairman: “I’m proud to endorse Keith Pekau, because he’s the common-sense conservative we need. He has worked with me to fight back against the extreme, far-left agendas of Toni Preckwinkle and Kim Foxx here in Cook County.  He will do the same in Washington to stop Nancy Pelosi, Marie Newman, and Sean Casten from implementing their radical agenda.”

Dan Patlak, Former Cook County Board Review Member: “As Orland Park’s Mayor, Keith Pekau has proven he understands how to grow the economy and be fiscally responsible. In Washington, he’ll fight inflation and help create good-paying, middle-class jobs. I’m proud to support him.”

Colleen Schumann, Palos Township Supervisor

Brent Woods, Palos Township Supervisor Pro-Temp: “Whether it’s lowering taxes, keeping people safe, or growing the economy, Keith Pekau has gotten results. He is a dedicated leader who works tirelessly to put people over politics. I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign to represent the 6th District in Congress.”

Mayoral Endorsements

Tim Balderman, Mayor of New Lenox: “In my experience working directly with Keith Pekau as mayor, he makes decisions based on what he believes is best for his community’s safety, economy, and growth first. That’s the type of local leadership we need in Washington.”

Michael Einhorn, Mayor of Crete:“Under Keith Pekau’s leadership, his community has led the charge in reducing violent crime in neighborhoods. I know he’ll bring those same solutions to Congress which is why he has my full support.”

John Egofske, Mayor of Lemont: “Over the past four years I have seen firsthand Keith’s work ethic and progress in recruiting and developing new economic development into Orland Park. I am supporting Keith because of his hard work in growing quality businesses along with his fiscally responsible policies. Both of these qualities are much needed in Congress.”

Frank Fleischer, Mayor of Mokena: “Having worked with Keith Pekau the last four-plus years, I have been very impressed by what he has accomplished in his first term as mayor. His instincts as a successful small businessman have served him well and will continue to do so in Congress.”

Bob Kolosh, Mayor of Thornton, President of South Suburban Mayors and Managers: “Keith Pekau is a true leader who knows what it takes to grow jobs and bolster the economy. He has my full support as he runs for Congress.”

Gary L’Heureux, Mayor of Midlothian: “Keith Pekau and I share a deep concern about growing violent crime trends in and around Chicago. That’s why we’ve fought to keep our residents and businesses safe. I wholeheartedly endorse Keith Pekau for Congress.”

Steve Streit, Mayor of Lockport: “Keith Pekau is one of those rare political figures that can critically think about a situation, formulate a plan, and then have the courage to act upon it. Keith would be a pragmatic and tireless advocate for the people of the 6th Congressional District.”

Mary Werner, Mayor of Worth: “Keith Pekau’s approach to fiscal and economic policy is sorely needed to push back against high taxes and runaway inflation. I support his candidacy, and I look forward to seeing what he’ll do to help grow the economy and create good-paying, middle-class jobs.”

George Yukich, Mayor of Homer Glen: “Keith Pekau simultaneously managed to cut taxes and invest in local infrastructure using his experience as a successful small businessman.  He has had a positive impact on our entire region as mayor and will be able to do even more for the region in Congress. We need a man like this and he keeps his word.”

Ed Zabrocki, Former Mayor of Tinley Park: “With the extremism we’ve seen from many in Washington, a common-sense voice like Keith Pekau’s will be a welcome and necessary change. He’ll fight back against those who put ideological partisanship first—and he’ll put people over politics.”