Politicians like Marie Newman, Sean Casten, Nancy Pelosi, and Kim Foxx have put special interests, party politics, and extreme far-left agendas ahead of doing what’s best for the people they’re supposed to represent.

Politicians like Marie Newman, Sean Casten, Nancy Pelosi, and Kim Foxx have put ahead of doing what’s best for the people they’re supposed to represent.

That’s why Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau is running for Congress.

“It’s time for Washington to put people over politics.”

Keith Pekau, Candidate for Congress

We need good people in Congress who aren’t beholden to special interests—people who are there to do the right thing and solve problems by putting people over politics.

I’ve been fighting the politicians and winning. I defeated a 28-year politician to become Mayor of Orland Park, where I put an end to “government as usual” by instituting term limits, cutting salaries and pensions for politicians, and putting the focus on doing what’s best for the people in our community. That is the leadership I will bring to Congress.

I will fight to keep families safe and our neighborhoods secure.

With record crime levels in the US and Chicago and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx letting violent criminals run free, suburban families are seeing frightening increases of crime in our once-peaceful communities.

Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear. I didn’t put my life on the line to defend our country in the Air Force, including three tours in Iraq, so families would feel unsafe in their homes.

In Orland Park, we’re fighting back by holding criminals accountable for their actions. We’ve reduced crime to the lowest rate in 27 years. With the lowest violent crime rate of cities over 50,000 in Illinois, Orland Park was rated the safest city in Illinois in 2020—despite being mostly in Cook County. I will bring this same common sense approach to Washington.

I will grow the economy to create good-paying middle-class jobs.

Our national economy is struggling, with supply shortages and wages not keeping up with the cost of living. Workers are especially hurting in Illinois, where unemployment remains among the highest in the nation.

I will fight to bring economic growth and prosperity back to our country, especially right here in the 6th District. We’ll do this by creating an environment in which businesses can thrive so they can create good-paying jobs. We will become energy independent and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. And we will hold other countries accountable, especially China, that try to push global economic policies that hurt American businesses and workers.

As a successful small businessman, I was able to grow our economy in Orland Park. We diversified our economy by re-imagining the village’s downtown, protecting Orland Square Mall, and helping local businesses survive during the pandemic. Major businesses, small businesses, manufacturers, and restaurants are responding positively, with over 600 businesses opening in the village so far during my tenure.

I will fight inflation and bring fiscal responsibility to Washington.

With reckless spending by Democrats leading to the highest inflation since 1980, working families are struggling to keep up. Everything is more expensive, including groceries, gas, utilities, and even eating at restaurants. This has a real impact on people’s lives.

We need to stop spending more than we bring in, lower taxes, and address the national debt. I’ve led by example as Mayor of Orland Park—I cut spending, balanced the budget, paid down debt, and lowered taxes. In just one term, I cut operating expenses by 14%, paid down over $50 million in debt, and lowered property tax rates by 30%, all while more than doubling investments in the village’s infrastructure. This is the fiscally responsible leadership I will bring to Congress.

While the other Republican candidates talk about solving challenges like crime, inflation, and the economy, I’ve actually done it. Unlike them, I have a track record of identifying and fixing problems to make people’s lives better.

This is the common sense leadership we need to take on the failed far-left politics of Marie Newman and Sean Casten and put people over politics.