Fight Inflation and Bring Fiscal Responsibility to Washington

With reckless spending by Democrats leading to the highest inflation since 1980, working families are struggling to keep up. Everything is more expensive, including groceries, gas, utilities, and even eating at restaurants. This has a real impact on people’s lives.

The only people surprised by this inflation are Washington politicians. You cannot keep spending and printing money like drunken sailors without negative consequences. You can’t close businesses and disrupt the supply chain without causing a significant jump in prices. Paying people to stay home instead of working increases labor costs for businesses, which leads to price increases for everyone.

Someone is paying for this out-of-control spending and bad government policy—and that someone is you.

We need to bring common sense to Congress and stop spending more than we bring in. We must lower taxes for hard-working Americans. And it is critical we get our national debt under control. We can do all this without negatively impacting services by holding spending flat and becoming better and more efficient in everything government does.

I’ve led by example as Mayor of Orland Park. I cut spending, balanced the budget, paid down debt, and lowered taxes. In just one term, I cut operating expenses by 14%, paid down over $50 million in debt, and lowered property tax rates by 22%, all while more than doubling investments in the village’s infrastructure.

Think of what this would mean for the country if this was how Congress operated. We could lower taxes for over-burdened Americans, which history has shown improves the economy and increases tax revenues for government. Working families would be able to keep more of their hard-earned money to put towards their kids’ education, paying bills, or even taking a vacation. Businesses could grow and hire more employees. With inflation under control, everything would cost less.

This is the fiscally responsible leadership I will bring to Congress.