Grow the Economy to Create Good-Paying Middle-Class Jobs

Our national economy is struggling, with supply shortages and wages not keeping up with the cost of living. Workers are especially hurting in Illinois, where unemployment remains among the highest in the nation. There is no excuse for this. Especially not in the Chicagoland region, where we are the transportation hub of America.

I will fight to bring economic growth and prosperity back to our country, especially right here in the 6th District. I will work in Congress to create an environment in which businesses can succeed and thrive so they can grow and create good-paying jobs for American workers. And I will hold other countries accountable, especially China, that try to push global economic policies that hurt American businesses and working families.

A key part of my plan is to make us energy independent and bring manufacturing back. Right now, we are relying on countries for our energy and manufacturing that may not be our friends, today or in the future. We should be a global leader in energy production, including renewable sources, allowing us to be an energy exporter. This inexpensive and reliable energy, along with the best labor force in the world, will bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

As a successful businessman and small business owner, I have seen firsthand the challenges businesses face. I advised businesses in every industry to help them grow. In my own business, I lived the challenges of making payroll, managing cashflows, and trying to keep up with government regulations.

This experience helped me succeed in growing our economy in Orland Park. I tackled the problems ignored and sometimes even created by my predecessor, because I focused on solving problems rather than playing politics. We worked together to diversify our economy by re-imagining the village’s downtown, protecting Orland Square Mall which is now one of the safest in the country, and helping local businesses survive during the pandemic. Major businesses, small businesses, manufacturers, and restaurants are responding positively, with over 600 businesses opening in the village so far during my tenure.

Growing the economy has a real world impact on that person looking for a job. It could be the difference between keeping their home and being homeless. I remember when I was working to put myself through college by delivering pizzas, my car got a flat tire. I had to go without food waiting for my weekly paycheck in order to fix my car. These are real decisions being made by people on a daily basis right now. If we can help people get that job that gives them fulfillment, allows them to provide for their family, and creates an opportunity for them to pursue their American Dream, we’ve done something real that makes a difference for people.