Press Release: Keith Pekau Responds to Dangerous Arrests in Orland Park

Keith Pekau Responds to Dangerous Orland Park Arrests Over the Weekend Which Put the Community and Police in the Way of Violence

ORLAND PARK — “Friday night in Orland Park, our police officers arrested 2 dangerous people for illegally possessing a firearm, including one who is a three-time convicted felon and was on electronic monitoring. The most enraging part is both of these criminals are already out on bonds that cost them just $500! What is it going to take for politicians like Kim Foxx and Chief Judge Timothy Evans to realize that letting violent criminals walk is making our communities less safe?

How many more people need to suffer from violent acts or lose their life from criminals out on bond from the Cook County judicial system? It is time for them to listen to our local police officers, police chiefs, elected leaders, and residents and keep violent criminals off of our streets and out of our communities.

I’m thankful Orland Park has incredible law enforcement professionals, but I’m frustrated that families, neighborhoods, businesses, and our officers are put in harm’s way by the Cook County justice system that keeps freeing people who should be locked up.

Cook County is simply an extension of the justice system being championed by the Congressional and State Legislative majorities, President Biden, and Governor Pritzker. I’m running for Congress to stop these insane policies and to prioritize the safety law abiding citizens and law enforcement over violent criminals. I will bring common sense leadership to Washington that puts people over politics!”

About Mayor Keith Pekau: Keith Pekau was elected Mayor of Orland Park in April 2017 in his first run for elected office. During his tenure, Keith proactively worked to reduce crime in Orland Park, leading to the lowest village crime rate in over a quarter-century. He works closely with regional municipal and business partners, co-founded the Chicago Southland Interstate Alliance, an I-80 corridor development group, and is on the board of the I-80 Coalition. Keith is a decorated combat veteran and Air Force Instructor Weapons System Officer. Born and raised in Orland Park, he has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University and an M.B.A. from Duke University, as a Fuqua Scholar.