Press Release: Over 70 Volunteers Band Together to Help Put Keith Pekau on the Ballot for the 6th Congressional District


Keith Pekau’s campaign is buoyed by an army of volunteers who are motivated to help put people over politics by sending the Mayor of Orland Park, successful small businessman, and decorated veteran to Congress. Today, Pekau submitted 2,463 signatures on the first day for candidates to file with the Illinois State Board of Elections in Springfield.

“Knowing that so many 6th District residents volunteered their time to circulate petitions, listen to my message about putting people over politics, and sign their name in support is extremely motivating and humbling,” said Keith Pekau. “Candidates don’t get this type of grassroots support unless their campaign is truly resonating with the community.”

Pekau’s campaign not only gathered more than six-times the amount of signatures needed, every single signature was gathered by Pekau, his team, and volunteers. Unlike his opponents, who are scrambling for signatures and reportedly paying as much as $15 per signature in a desperate attempt to make it on the ballot, Pekau doesn’t have to buy his campaign support.

“We have a strong network of grassroot supporters because residents want a leader who will actually fix problems and make their lives better,” Pekau said. “While other Republican candidates talk about solving challenges like crime, inflation, and the economy, I’ve actually done it. That’s why 6th District residents are signing up for our campaign in droves—they know I’m the only Republican who can defeat far left Democrats Marie Newman and Sean Casten.”

Pekau is running for Congress to keep families and our neighborhoods safe, grow the economy to create good-paying middle-class jobs, and fight inflation and bring fiscal responsibility to Washington.

About Mayor Keith Pekau: Keith Pekau is a decorated veteran, successful small businessman, and Mayor of Orland Park who will put people over politics in the 6th District. In Pekau’s first run for political office in 2017, he defeated a 28-year politician to become the mayor of his hometown. As a decorated combat veteran, Pekau served in the Air Force as an Instructor Weapons System Officer in the F-15E. Pekau became a small businessman, where he started a full-service landscaping and tree service company, and later a consulting company helping businesses develop market growth strategies. Pekau was born and raised in Orland Park, which is where he currently lives with his wife, Betty.