Keith Pekau's Military Experience

Keith is a decorated combat veteran with an exemplary service record, was Honorably Discharged, and has been endorsed by many fellow veterans. Below, you can see how he has served.

Keith Pekau Joined the US Air Force in 1989

Serving people and his community has always been a driving motivation for Pekau. As a decorated combat veteran, Pekau served in the Air Force as an Instructor Weapons System Officer in the F-15E. He has over 1,500 hours of flight time, including 45 combat sorties and 150 combat hours over Southern Iraq.

Keith flew combat missions in Iraq, serving in Operations Desert Storm and Southern Watch

Keith was Honorably Discharged

Keith is Endorsed by Veterans

“It was my honor to be Keith’s Commanding Officer in the Air Force. His tenacity, initiative, integrity, and leadership made him an exceptional officer. Keith was my first choice for all the tough jobs in the Squadron because I knew he would get the job done right the first time with class. The same qualities that made him such a superb officer make him the perfect candidate for Congress. I heartily endorse Keith Pekau!”

— Major General Mike DeCuir, USAF Retired

“I had the distinct pleasure of flying with and serving alongside Keith in critical military operations immediately following Desert Storm. I, along with his senior leaders and commanders, could always count on Keith’s skill, integrity and leadership to get the job done, no matter how demanding. Simply put, Keith always delivers big time results!”

— Lt. General, Norman Seip, USAF Retired

“Having served in the 335th Fighter Squadron with Keith Pekau and deploying around the world together, I’m not at all surprised to find out that he is once again seeking an opportunity to serve others.  Keith was a standout military leader and selfless team player known for his incredible talent in developing technological solutions to our toughest challenges. As a General Officer with almost 30 years of service and having known him for over 2 decades, I can attest to the fact that truly Keith exemplifies the Air Force’s core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence.” 

— John Quintas, Major General, USAF Retired